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a touching and true (?) story!

This PPT is deep and meaningful, and also comes with lovely Mozart BGM - please give it a hearing!  - you will be blessed!

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This is a true photo of the Russian Easter egg that arrived on my phone that morning! -

on the morning of the day just before my 60th birthday!


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Here you will see and hear some things you will appreciate forever!

May 2019 - a time and a season of regeneration & innovation :) (:


 Yesterday (Sunday 30th April, 2019) morning i awoke to see an intriguing message on my phone - it was JUST a single photo sent from an unknown number, of a Russian easter egg, on which were the words Xristos voskres = Christ is Risen, and NO words added or anything - i thought it may have been a prank done by BSJ who sometimes borrows other people's phones to send messages or call, as her phone is now out of credit, that was my guess. So i sent back a little message in Russian, but with no further response. Later in the day, i was curious enough to actually call that number and a man with a foreign accent answered and told me he had no idea of how this picture had been sent from his phone! - neither he nor i knew each other, yet when i sent him a copy of the same picture, he confirmed that it had been in his phone, and that he/it was Serbian (closely related to Russian) but still he could not explain how it had been sent to my phone! Straaaannnge stuff! ... .. . Later that afternoon, i phoned BSJ, who asked me whether i had received any text message from her that morning - and that she had gone to a phone booth (around the same time as the picture message arrived in my phone!)  and sent me a very stiff text message telling me off as she felt i had offended her (which i still can't explain either)  - When i told her i had not received any text message but only a picture message from an unknown number, she was also surprised but said it was just as well i had not gotten her message, and that it may have been 'of God' or words to that effect.

So there we have it - i can only put this down to a mini miracle that God did, in transforming a nasty text message from a phone booth into a nice picture message that blessed my soul. Hallelujah.

Glenn Michael Roberts (GMR)

(now having reached my 60th year by God's grace alone!)


i am an inventor & teacher


 - Since most people ask what kinds of things i invent, here is a very pictorial but short presentation i made last year of my invention projects from the last couple of years - they are interactive and/or ornamental playthings! - (and of course there is a far more serious 'side' (or 2x2x2x2) to it all, rest assured! Here's a link below to my invention project(s) presentation video i made last year - my first attempt at such a thing! - Enjoy! :)
Here Are Some MORE Mini-Miracle (true) Stories from Recent Times - As you can see from the photo below, i visited Coles Supermarket at Mount Gravatt Plaza on the 10th May to buy this 120g bottle of VITAL-brand greens powders, as recommended by a good Natureopath. I had earlier noted it in there but even though the price was just under $30, reckoned i couldn't afford it at the time, and looked around and waited a few more days...on returning to Coles that day, i again noted the same bottle in the same place with the same price tag, and with NO DISCOUNT advertised at all, but decided to buy it anyway! - i then proceeded to the self-service checkout area and swiped 1 other product, which went through as normal, and then swiped//scanned this 2nd product... .. . at which i heard the beep but suddenly saw a MUCH LOWER PRICE appear than the one marked!! - i looked closer and found that indeed the price was showing up as just $6.25 as you can clearly see!! - - i said 'hmmm, Thanks GOD for the Discount'  under my breath and did NOT go to complain about the huge price reduction (of course) - so there, here is another real mini-miracle recorded and attested to by photographic record!
Let the reader consider carefully, and if and ONLY iff you have Any Proof of how this could have happened otherwise, you can suggest it, but 'good luck' to U 4 trying ! :) (:
ONE MORE Recent Mini-Miracle ! -
One evening here where i live, i went over the main road to the local convenience store to buy a few needful items - it was just a little cool and so i took my black jacket with a pocket in each side corner, and it has a centre zip which i left unzipped.. After buying my stuff and having a short chat with the Chinese shop-keeper in there, i went back across the main road, visited the ''Shell'' Coles Express service station to buy another snack and again had a short chat, then proceeded home...only to discover that i no longer had my KEYS in the usual left shirt pocket!! - using a spare key to let myself in, i ate my snack and then called the convenience store as i had kept their number, asked the Chinese guy to have a look for my keys on his counter, at which he looked but told me that he couldn't see them anywhere! .. at this point i got ready to go out again to have a look for myself at the service station, locked up, put the spare key away, walked out the back gate and proceeded down the footpath for about 20 meters, almost half way to the service station..when i put my left hand into my pocket and felt something hard down there!! - - after feeling around more carefully, i could feel it was MY KEYS but couldn't actually reach them, as i finally worked out they were lodged on the INSIDE of that same pocket, in a mini-pocket that i NEVER EVEN KNEW EXISTED !!!! - i swear to GOD that this is the truth and that i not only Never Used that little pocket but did NOT EVEN KNOW that it was there!!  ... .. . Sooo, HOW DID MY KEYS GET INTO THAT POCKET?????
Your 'guess' is as good as mine, but it certainly doesn't leave too many options, Does it ?!?! ,,, ,, , again, THANK YOU GOD _ JEHOVAH JIREH, my PROVIDER, for sending an Angel to put my keys into my hidden pocket from wherever i had left them!   :) (: soli DEO gloria! :) (: